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Photo Journalism


My name is Oto Marabel. I´m a freelance photographer since 2003. Regular contributor to EFE Agency and European Press Photo Agency (EPA), El Pais, and Zeta Group (amongst others). I haver more of 10k of pictures published in all medias around the world.
This year (2018)  I was awarded as Finalist in SIPA ́18 (siena international photo award) ; win 2 Honor Mention in Paris Photo Prix (PX3), and I published a Photo Book about Underage prostitution in Sierra Leone called “Girls With No Name”.
In 2017 Win international “Journalism award Ciudad de Badajoz”, and inaugurate a Exposition about the work.
In 2016 founded “Plata o Plomo” Project. 365 Photojournalist program for Digital Magazine Cultura Badajoz. in 2016 selected in”First Impressions: Magnum Portfolio Reviews” Visa pour l’image16 (Perpignam).

  • Speaker in some photographic events:
    Workshop IMAGO in Uex (University of Extremadura).Photojournalist Masterclass in Audiovisual communication faculty
    Photojournalis Conference in MEIAC
    (Extremeño- Iberoamerican Contemporary museum)
    Photobook conference in “Saló de la fotografía´18” FNAC Barcelona.
    Girls With No Names conference FNAC Madrid

Personal Projects

  • Plata o Plomo es un trabajo de investigación de la fotografía periodística enmarcado en el ámbito de la noticia local.

  • Plata o Plomo es un año de trabajo resumido en 52 Galerías.

  • Plata o Plomo es un duelo a la sombra semanal entre dos fotógrafos.

  • Plata o Plomo es una huida hacia adelante, derrotando todo en lo que creemos.

  • Pako Pimienta, Oto Marabel.

    Fotografía o muerte!!

Girls With No Name

a book to fight against underage prostitution

Stories than needs to be told.

The first years I tried to earn a living in a different way: asking for money or going to dumping sites, but from all the places they threw me out. Later, I met more girls like me and I began living of my body”

Fatmata Sheriff,

15 years

I Try to decide the prize,
although they don’t always give me what I ask. I try they pay me, at least 4$ , with or without a condom.

Mariana Conteh

17 years

I didn’t know my father an“d my mother died when I was 12. One of my friends lived in the streets, earned money,
and to me it didn’t seem so bad to begin doing the same.
This is the way I started to prostitute myself

Isata Kargbo

16 years

More about the project

More than 10k images published


Oto Marabel in Press

Photographer based in Mallorca

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