Inner Photography

in 2018 I disappear

Fatehganj West 20 years taking pictures led me to discover a serious disconnection between my beautiful pictures and the world that was represented in them.

vih conocer gente Then I seek refuge in Mallorca, a mediterranean Island in with which I am able to establish dialogue quickly. We manage to create a only identity who taught me to focus my camera inside me. Then I was born in Inner Photography. To shoot myself (through the world around me) its a kind of suicide-self-portrait… sooner or later de death appear, and in this case appears as a big silence, vacuum of meanings but full of a new life.

This is the story of a road full of renunciations, fears, doubts, to get to those amazing questions that must never be answered. Because  I have learned to respect the life that grows around the silence generated by the greats questions.

Lookin with the odd eye, fleeing from “The Decisive Moment” because the life that I’m looking for its hide in the space between two clics. In the corner of the eye. listening to my heart through the viewfinder waiting the hunch